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MRP closes sell of Apollo portfolio to Fibra Uno

México Retail Properties an investment fund focused on investing, develop and operate inmobiliary, mixed and commercial proyects, closes sell… Full article: https://mx.investing.com/news/world-news/en-mexico-mrp-concreta-la-venta-del-portafolio-apollo-a-fibra-uno-147650
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The Shopping Mall that changes Mexico City Downtown dynamics

Portal Centro is a shopping mall that searches to impress 550,000 people, analysts forsee and increment of added value for the zone. Full article in: https://www.altonivel.com.mx/la-plaza-comercial-busca-cambiar-la-dinamica-del-centro-cdmx/
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Proyect presentation, first shopping mall in Fresnillo (Portal Fresnillo)

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Development Group MRP builds new shopping mall in Zacatecas

Portal Fresnillo Shopping Mall construction has begun, this complex will host Fabricas de Francia, Coppel and Cinemex… Full article: https://centrourbano.com/2017/10/10/grupo-desarrollador-mrp-construye-centro-comercial-en-zacatecas/
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Cinépolis has the most eficient movie theaters in the world

Yesterday, Cinepolis turn on his 5,000 movie screen in Portal San Ángel shopping mall (Mexico City), a figure that keep it as leader in movie theaters ranking...
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