Infrastructure must be a motor in 2016

Invex bank believes that the country’s infrastructure will show a rebound in the coming years as they “land” The reforms

Structural, in particular energy.

It predicts that next year will not be very different from 2015, in which the growth of the economy is expected to close at 2.5 percent.

Juan Guichard, director general of the institution, does not expect that 2016 will be more dramatic than the current one, despite the environment of volatility that is expected to be maintained.

Although it recognizes that it will not be a problem-free year, it predicts that growth, inflation and interest rates, among other elements, will be very similar to those of the current year.

In an encounter with media, the banker said that “there are some risks, but I do not see anything that worries a lot”.

On the eve of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) considered that, in a volatile environment, the country has everything to distinguish itself from other emerging ones, but that it must follow the same way.

Juan Guichard says that one of the main drivers of the economy in 2016 should be infrastructure, and that land other structural reforms such as energy.

He says that the lack of public resources to carry out the infrastructure goals is at the same time an opportunity for banks such as the one he heads, as long as they can be complemented by private initiative.

“We need to be resourceful,” he added.

Regarding the alert issued by Banxico that Mexican companies seek to pay attention to foreign currency debt levels, Invex’s manager indicates that the levels are not disproportionate and that the reading should be given to the message of the central body Is that: be attentive.

Source: The Economist


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