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Responsibility to the Environment

MRP is committed to adopting sound environmental solutions in its development program, in-house properties and corporate functions such as water treatment and energy efficient equipment. We believe that, regardless of the size of our actions, our contribution and our culture will impact the environment, consumers, employees, communities and everyone else involved.

MRP in its interest to move towards an ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly operation, is taking the following actions in its shopping centers:

Installation of wind generators (wind) to generate part of the electrical energy needed by the square. This action reduces the amount of emissions caused by the generation of electricity in thermoelectric or combined cycle plants.
Placement of Super High Efficiency luminaires in parking lots. These luminaires consume 25% of electrical energy than a normal luminaire.
Construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants in shopping centers. Treating the water reduces the consumption of drinking water for bathing and irrigation, in addition to delivering cleaner water and less need for treatment to the municipal drainage networks, thus supporting the municipalities in which the projects are installed. Some of the MRP customers have joined this strategy by placing treatment plants for internal use.
Efficient designs that take into account the natural ventilation, decrease the heating of the squares by direct incidence of solar rays. With this measure the electric energy used to condition the environments of the commercial plazas is diminished.
Filtration and absorption wells. With the construction of these wells, the direct pluvial water is directed to the subsoil, without having to go through the drains and without mixing with sanitary water. This helps keep aquifers clean and with higher levels.
Placement of automatic systems and savers in bathrooms. These systems help to decrease the amount of water used in each discharge. The water that reaches the automatic systems is treated in the treatment plants of the squares.
Donation of trees to municipalities thus supporting local reforestation programs.

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